Betting On Wisconsin Football

Wisconsin has one of the top professional NFL football teams in the league, and a strong college football team that garners a lot of local support. These teams are followed not only by WI residents, but also by fans across the US. This being the case, there is a lot of demand for opportunities to bet on these teams throughout the regular season and the post-season playoff and championship games. We created this guide to assist fans in identifying and locating high quality football betting sites that cover Wisconsin football teams in their lines. These brands were all placed through a very intense review process to determine their legitimacy and value to the industry, and our team of industry professionals has personally approved each one as an industry leading, legally licensed Wisconsin sports betting destination. Below our recommendations, you will find some helpful information for fans that are considering their football bets for Wisconsin's top football teams. We have also provide convenient one click access to the official website for both teams so that you can take a look at their schedule and follow the team, players and current news and stats as the season progresses. We have included guides for betting on the Green Bay Packers and for betting on the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Betting on Wisconsin Professional Football

As mentioned previously, Wisconsin is home to one of the top NFL teams, the Green Bay Packers. All of our recommended betting sites cover this team in their betting lines, and include them in the site's extra features, such as player and team props betting options and live in play betting features. The betting and pay lines are all competitive, and the odds are on par with industry standards throughout Vegas. Below is some information about how the team is expected to do for the 2014 NFL season.

Green Bay Packers

In 2013, the Green Bay Packers had been a strong contender to win their division. However, they went 8-7-1 after quarterback Aaron Rodgers was injured and missed much of the season. The Packers were plagued with injuries last year on both sides of the ball, but especially in the defense. The Packers were ranked 25th in defense last year, a far cry from early expectations.

The Packers did acquire some quality talent in the offseason. They signed Julius Peppers who is a solid pass rusher and tackler. Playing with defensive star Clay Matthews (if he stays healthy) they could give quarterbacks headaches all over the league. The Packers have solid play in the corner positions and have obtained "Ha Ha" Clinton-Dixon, who was an excellent safety at Alabama.

The Packers have a solid running back in Eddie Lacy. Lacy can block and get the short yards when things are tight. Rodgers has a lot to throw to the year as well. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and newcomer Davante Adams also represent strengths for the team. This mixture of old and new will challenge any secondary in the NFL. Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and when he is hot, very few can stop him. The offensive line should be solid enough to keep the quarterback protected.

If everyone stays healthy, this team can take the division. The division isn't as tough as past years and the Packers have some well-placed additions on offense and defense that effectively fills in some gaps from last season. If Rodgers can stay healthy he can take this team a long ways. There should be at least 10 wins for the Packers and they are positioned to easily make the play-offs. You can get more information about betting on the Green Bay Packers and where to find the best lines covering this team and all NFL football teams.

Betting on Wisconsin College Football

Wisconsin has one really premium college football team, the Wisconsin Badgers. They compete in the NCAA Division 1 platform, and though they face a tough season this year, they still have a strong following and strong support locally. They are naturally covered in the NCAAF betting lines at all of our recommended sportsbooks. Following are some observations about the team and how some specific elements could affect their 2014 NCAAF season.

Wisconsin Badgers – University of Wisconsin Madison

The Badgers represent the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and ended with a final record of 9-4 for the 2013 season. Of the 4 losses that year, the defeat was established by less than a touchdown. They play in the Big 10 West, and have a favorable schedule this season. They had a great defense, but they have lost the majority of their starters. They have lost all of the defensive line and their linebacker. This could end up being a serious problem as almost all of the replacements will be untested.

Offensively, the Wisconsin Badgers had a great rushing attack. For 2014, Melvin Gordon will return and he rushed for over 1600 yards the prior year. At the quarterback position, they have Joel Stave, who is a returning starter. He wasn't the best quarterback, as he threw 13 interceptions, with few rushing yards. However, he has experience and skill, and there is a chance that he can improve. He also has a solid line that can protect him and give the running backs a chance for big gains. A big problem for the quarterback is the inexperience in the wide receiver and tight-end positions. A sluggish quarterback with young receivers can allow the defense to move up and stagnate the run.

The Badgers face a tough season for 2014. They have a lot of issues with the defense. If the defense cannot stop the opposing team, the Badgers must put up a lot of points. However, the quarterback is not a quick-scorer. They need to maintain control of the clock with the run and keep the opponents' offense off the field. They do avoid playing the tougher teams in the Big 10, and have a schedule where they can squeeze out a few wins. They can break .500, but it will be barely. Find out more about betting on the Wisconsin Badgers football team and where to find top rated betting sites covering this team.

News Headlines Covering Wisconsin Football

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